Wednesday, October 29, 2008

kaitlyn's 2nd Birthday!!

Miss Kaitlyn

We celebrated Kaitlyn's 2nd Birthday on Sunday. She had so much fun playing with all the kids that were here.Trish,Ron and cousin Mason drove in from Cali to be with us. It's so nice having them so close now to enjoy special occasions together. We had a pinata for the kids and Kaitlyn enjoyed pulling the strings and watching the older kids beat it up.(Dad enjoyed teasing the kids by pulling up the pinata every time they swung the bat). Over all I think Kaitlyn's favorite part of the day was when everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. She had the biggest smile on her face and kept giggling. She was singing it to herself too!!She has been practicing singing for the last month so she was SO ready to hear it for real. Also one more thing,when kaitlyn first came down stairs in her birthday dress Griffin gave her the biggest hug and kiss and told her she was "so pretty" then he sang happy b-day to her. It was such a sweet moment! We had a great day watching Kaitlyn have so much fun!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Playing Together!!

Last night Griffin and Kaitlyn were playing on their sit and spin. They started laughing so hard !!

I just thought it was a cute picture of the kids.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kisses for Callie!!

Today is the last day to donate to kisses for Callie. The tickets are $2 or 30 for $50. Callie is a little girl I helped take care of PCH. She was backed over by an SUV one month ago and is still at Phoenix Childrens hospital in the Rehab unit. I call her a "worrior princess" for that is exactly what she is. She makes big and little strides everyday! The money that is raised will go toward all her rehab expenses once she gets home and also for her family of 15!!! I have become very attached to Callie and her amazing mom they are both such strong,positive and and inspiring people. If you want to help out amazing family here is your chance!

Schneffs Farm

We took the kids to Schneffs farm last Sunday.Grandma and Aunt patti came with too. We had a great time!! The kids enjoyed pony and train rides,petting zoo,dog show,dancing to a bluegrass band,and of course eating all the yummy food. At the end of the day they each got to pick their own pumpkin. kaitlyn decided one was not enough and started putting pumpkins in here stroller like we wouldn't notice. It was fun seeing them out there having a great time!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Awanas Open House Night

Griffin had Awanas open house last week. Grandma came with to see all the things Griffin is learning about. Kaitlyn goes to her class in the nursery. She will be in Awanas next year. She just missed the cut off which is 2yrs old by Sept 1. She is so ready to be out of the nursery !! We had a fun night watching the two of them interact.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What'sThat All About?

As you all know Kaitlyn is now in her "big girl bed" as of the last two weeks. I think I spoke to soon when I said she is doing so good. Despite the fact that she is getting her 2yr molars she has been in and out of her bed several times the last few nights. She will stand at the gate a scream "i want out". She starts with Mommy and then she'll call out to Daddy. So anyways this morning I found her on the floor passed out cold. I went to get Griffin and was carrying him down the hall past her room otherwise he sounds like an elephant running. I told him to please be quiet because Kaitlyn was still sleeping. When we got by her door he looked in and saw her lying on the floor and loudly he said"What's that all about?" We just both started laughing and kept on walking. Needless to say we are going to give her until Sunday to see if she will stay in her bed and if not it's back to the old crib.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Firetruck Parade

This past Saturday there was a Fire Prevention Week Parade in downtown Glendale. Grandma went with the kids and I and we had a blast! There were tons of firetrucks, police cars, and even a "rescue helicopter". Needless to say, Griffin was in his element! Kaitlyn liked all the lights, and she even stood for the presentation of the American Flag and put her hand over her heart. Even after the flags passed, she sat down still holding her hand over her heart. What a Patriotic 2 year old.


Griffin's First Baseball Game

On Sunday September 28th Griffin and I went to his first baseball game. We saw the Diamondbacks play the Rockies at Chase Field. All week leading up to it he was so excited. All he talked about was getting a hot dog, lemonade, and a special treat. We had a GREAT time!! He did a lot of people watching, but started to get into the game towards the end. He has been asking to go back all week, unfortunately it was the last game of the season. Now we will have something to look forward to in the Spring. This adventure would have rank in the top five of my "proudest father moments" so far. There's just something about sharing a hot dog at the ballpark with your son.....