Thursday, January 8, 2009

We had a very blessed CHRISTmas this year. My sister and her family drove in from Cali and spent a fun filled 10 days with us. The kids had a blast playing with cousin Mason! We spent Christmas Eve with my parents and enjoyed a yummy crab dinner. Matt was able to get home early that night to read the kids the story of Jesus birth which is the real reason we celebrate. This year the kids were so exited to celebrate Jesus birthday. We made a special cake for Jesus and the kids enjoyed singing happy b-day . We want to teach our kids that yes it is nice to recieve only a FEW gifts,but on Christmas the real gift is Jesus!!
We had a fun great Christmas spending the day together as a family. It always goes by way to fast but we made a alot fun memories and that's what is most important (family,faith,health,laughter,and memories that will last a lifetime)!!!
Wishing to everyone many Blessings for 2009


{ashley b} said...

What a nice Christmas. And what wonderful lessons you are teaching your children!
Thanks for the comment on my blog. The stripes were pretty easy.
First I got a level and marked off horizontally where I wanted the top of the stripes to be (with a pencil).
Then I painted, using the lighter of the two colors to do the entire area I had taped off. (a useful tip I learned is to take a small brush after you have taped everything off and using your current wall color...i.e.I used the beige color...just go along the edges of the tape. this acts as a seal and prevents the other color from bleeding through the tape.)
Let this paint dry thoroughly before continuing. (do not remove the tape.)
Next, get a ruler and mark the length of your stripes (I think mine were 7 inches). Then using the level, mark your lines diagonally with a pencil and tape them off. Place the tape on the inside of the lines that you want to remain your base color. I also used the non-bleed technique here to keep the blue from running into the green.
Let your paint dry well before removing the tape. And you're done!
Sorry it was so long. But really it is very simple.
Hope I explained it well.

The Brazels said...

Thx for the directions! It sounds pretty easy to do. I'll let you know how it works out. Have a blessed day!